Production Work In Austin: Responding To The Downturn

In the final part of our series on the Austin production industry, learn how people are getting by during the downturn and what their outlook is for the future.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final article in our series on the pressures facing the video/film production industry in Austin. Join the discussion by requesting an invite to our private Facebook group.

Working in film and video production is often feast or famine. Steady paychecks are rare, and it’s difficult to plan far in advance. 

The volatility is both a blessing and a curse. While stability is elusive, the inconsistent nature of the business has prepared many Austin production professionals for their current circumstances – fewer jobs, stagnant wages, and shrinking margins.

Many of the people who we spoke to for this series diversified their income long ago, and others are relying on savings to help them bridge the gap in work. Government unemployment checks and the $600 per week federal stimulus also have helped. 

Here is a closer look at how these people are responding since COVID hit in early March.

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